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Drink our coffee. Build an economy. Pass it on!

Coffee : We sell Haitian coffee because it's a win-win: it supports Haiti's economy AND we use it to raise money for our work in Haiti. We've raised OVER $30,000 JUST by drinking coffee. Moreover, we buy coffee from Singing Rooster.org -- a wonderful nonprofit doing great work in Haiti who meets, then exceeds principles of fair trade.

We use the Rooster's coffee parish-wide at fellowship hour, and parish-level coffee roosters hold special sale fundraisers: church bazaars, holiday fairs, when the bishop visits!

If you're a nonprofit looking to make a lasting difference in Haiti, ask Molly at Singing Rooster to help your organization use Haitian coffee in your fundraising. We did & we're thankful.

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Singing Rooster's Haitian Mountain Bleu Coffee comes from a single origin and is natural. Put simply, Haitian farmers can’t afford chemicals; they use organic methods like composting and shade-grown techniques. Haitian Mountain Blue coffee comes from the same type of coffee plant & is grown in a similar region as the wildly successful Jamaican Blue - but at a fraction of the price. $7.20 a bag goes back to Haiti: $4 to haitian coffee farmers, $3.20 to the Haiti Project.

Price: Each 12 oz bag of Haitian coffee is $10 - 100% of proceeds go back to Haiti. Shipping is automatically calculated using US Postal.

Medium Roast
(Full City)

Medium-Dark Roast

Dark Roast

Decaf Medium-Dark Roast

Tasting notes : Tinges of lemony highlights balanced by a chocolatety body. Brightness of a lighter roast with a rich finish.

Ground or Whole Bean


Our most popular : Roasty goodness, rich chocolatety body, subtle citrus undertones. Smooth. Our Goldilocks' roast.

Ground or Whole Bean


Tasting notes :
Deep, smoky-taste with hints of attractive bittersweet flavors. For those who like it well done.

Ground or Whole Bean


Tasting notes :
Toasty hints of dark chocolate, subtle citrus undertones.. Mellow & smooth in a decafinated cup.

Ground or Bean


Questions about our coffee? Want to know how you can use Haitian coffee to raise funds for your nonprofit? contact Molly: molly@singingrooster.org or 608. 721. 0622

Our Mission The Haiti Project is an Outreach Ministry of the Episcopal Dioceses of Milwaukee. We work in partnership with others from all walks of life who share the belief that education, clean water, access to medicine, and compassion are basic human necessities.

Ending poverty in Haiti is multifaceted, and we take our role of stewardship seriously. That’s why more than 90% of our expenses are used for programs that directly affect the people living in Haiti - especially the small and mountainous community of Jeannette. 100% of our funding comes from private sources, including individuals, churches, corporations and grants.
Our collective goal is to promote self-sufficiency and independence.

Join us. Let us know you're interested.

Keep informed: Join our email newsletter - Just 6 times a year. Topics include fighting hunger and poverty, clean drinking water, economic development, medical treatment and education in Haiti.

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Ask Molly at Singing Rooster -- how your organization can use Haitian Mountain Blue/Bleu coffee to raise money for your own work in Haiti and elsewhere around the world. The Haiti Project has raised over $25,000 JUST through coffee sales. Singing Rooster meets and then exceeds principles of Fair Trade

Singing Rooster - a registered 501 (c)3 nonprofit - provides direct assistance to coffee farming communities in Haiti for the sake of self-sustainability, dignity and economic autonomy.

We help cultivate and process high quality, gourmet Haitian coffee. Then we buy/export tons of green Haitian coffee beans and create new markets for it: roasted coffee, green coffee beans for home or commercial roasters, fundraising with coffee, and wholesale coffee to commercial roasters, cafes, and stores. This enables a stable outlet for our farmer partners and provides partial funding for our interrelated support -- we return 100% of the proceeds of coffee sales back to the farmers and their communities.