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Donate to the Haiti Project -- your tax exempt donation will be sent to you. 90% of our budget goes to Haiti to help those in need.

1. Child Sponsorship: learn about sending a Haitian child to school -->
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2. Sponsor a Nurse or Teacher: about this project -->

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3. General Fund / Emergency Relief: during emergencies, we use funding for food, shelter, medical care. During quite times, we use it for projects needing attention. More about this project -->

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4. Water Project: about Jeannette's need for clean water -->

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5. Bishop's Annual Spring Appeal: about the appeal -->

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Singing Rooster Haitian Coffee: We've raised over $20,000 in 24 months JUST by selling / drinking Haitian Mountain Blue coffee. Using Haitian coffee as a fundraiser where we earn $3 a bag seems like a lot of work, but folks drink coffee by the gallons, this is primo coffee, and people really grasp the idea of helping to build the Haitian economy by purchasing something they do well: coffee. Ask Molly at Singing Rooster [the name of the coffee and organization that coordinates our Haitian coffee fundraiser] about using Haitian coffee in your next fundraiser.

Haitian Art for Sale at the Rooster

The Haiti Project works hard to bring beautiful pieces of Haitian art directly to DIOMIL parishes -- but we can't visit everyone!

If you're interested in a truly unique gift that benefits Haiti, and can't make one of our direct sales, then check out Singing Rooster's Haitian art collection:

Buy Haitian Art - Help Haiti
Proceeds from Singing Rooster's Haitian Art
Benefit Impoverished Coffee Farmers

Check out our: Gifts that Make a Difference Catalog

The Episcopal Diocese of Milwaukee Haiti Project, as part of the Protestant Episcopal Church of the United States of America is registered as a 501(c) 3 charity under the United States Internal Revenue Code, so your donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. You will receive acknowledgment of your tax exempt donation.

Our Mission The Haiti Project is an Outreach Ministry of the Episcopal Dioceses of Milwaukee. We work in partnership with others from all walks of life who share the belief that education, clean water, access to medicine, and compassion are basic human necessities.

Ending poverty in Haiti is multifaceted, and we take our role of stewardship seriously. That’s why more than 90% of our expenses are used for programs that directly affect the people living in Haiti - especially the small and mountainous community of Jeannette. 100% of our funding comes from private sources, including individuals, churches, corporations and grants.
Our collective goal is to promote self-sufficiency and independence.

Join us. Let us know you're interested.

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Diocese of Milwaukee - Haiti Project
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Ann Brophy

Diocese of Eau Claire Coordinator:
John & Carol Meacham
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Ask Molly at Singing Rooster -- how your organization can use Haitian Mountain Blue/Bleu coffee to raise money for your own work in Haiti and elsewhere around the world. The Haiti Project has raised over $25,000 JUST through coffee sales. Singing Rooster meets and then exceeds principles of Fair Trade