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Haiti has so many needs -- pick a topic, and it likely needs support: food, water, housing, medicine, schooling, economic sustainability. Undaunted, we're an army of volunteers with diverse backgrounds and skill sets. We select projects that align with community need, our skills and our inability to say no. We're yes-men and proud of it. You can be a yes man/yes woman too. If one of our projects appeals to you, send us some funds, give us advice, or point us in a direction. Your tax exempt donation will be sent to you. 90% of our budget helps Haitians in need.

Child Sponsorship : Sending a Haitian Child to school is a great way to experience the joys of helping a child in need and making a lasting difference in his or her life. As a sponsor, you will be sent annual photos, report cards, and an occasional note from your school child.

By sponsoring a child, you help a child become self-reliant, productive citizens in their communities. Your donation provides:

  • A qualified teacher and school supplies
  • Nutritional assistance {e.g., daily vitamins}
  • Preventative and curative medical care
  • Community programs for clean water & food
  • A chance to hear about Christ's love
  • A message that someone cares

Send a Haitian Child to school

Your sponsorship can be a 1-time event or you may follow a child through graduation.

Child Sponsorship lets you share a unique relationship with a child.

Sending a Haitian child to school costs $200 annually, and you have the opportunity to stay with your child a number of years. Some sponsors begin when a child is very young and the child may not graduate until his or her early 20's. While we hope you are able to continue your support until graduation, we recognize circumstances change, and you may discontinue your sponsorship at any time. Send a Haitian Child to School in your own or a loved-one's name

Sponsor a Nurse or Teacher : We value our dedicated teachers & health care workers. A Haitian teacher makes the equivalency of $88 dollars a month. A nurse makes $103. The Partner with an Educator or Health Care Worker Fund matches you with a teacher or nurse and provides the monthly financial support needed to pay their salaries. Your contribution may also provide continued educational training.

Sponsor a Nurse or Teacher


General / Emergency Relief Fund -- Like Lunch : When catastrophe strikes, the Emergency Relief Fund provides emergency funding for food, clothing, doctors and equipment, as well as for shelter and replacement of belongings for families struggling to survive a tragedy. When there are no active emergencies, your donation funds Haiti Project projects most in need.

Donate to the general / emergency relief fund

Clean Water

By donating to clean water , you'll help us buy buckets, chlorine tables and repair cisterns that store water during non-rainy seasons [half the year there is NO rain].

With a dry season of almost seven months during the winter of 2011-2012, Jeannette struggled to meet its water needs. With a mindful heart, Pere Wisnel had been carefully considering the options that St. Marc's has regarding clean water for drinking and cooking for both the school and community. Many options available to other parts of Haiti (such as a wells or trucked in water) are too expensive to undertake. At this point, the only source of water is that which comes from the sky. In order to maintain a source of clean water, cistern must be used. We know that many of St. Marc's cisterns were damaged in the earthquake, so are not usable. Repairing or rebuilding them becomes important. With the knowledge that the wonderful people of Christ Church (Whitefish Bay) and All People's Lutheran Church were supporting solutions for clean water through their financial and prayerful gifts.

Pere Wisnel hired an engineer to come to Jeannette to evaluate the cisterns. The decision made was to start by repairing the damaged cistern under the Presbytere (a very large one), make minor repairs to pipes leading to another cistern, and rebuild a large above ground cistern (located close to the school kitchen), and then evaluating a larger one a little bit away from the school.

In June, the cistern under the Presbyter was repaired. Repairing it required fixing cracks and resealing it. To do so meant the cistern had to be empty and dry ...unfortunately, it was (for more on that, please see the July trip report which can be found at www.haitiproject.org).

When the July group arrived in Jeannette, there had been some rain...and there was water in the cistern.

Concrete blocks to repair the cistern

This not-very-big opening is the only access!

Making repairs.

St. Marc's and the community of Jeannette are grateful for the water that will be saved and stored under the Presbytere for a dry day. At a cost of $2,000, it was more extensive than expected and has left St. Marc's worried about affording the repairs to the other cisterns. Since financial support to continue cistern repair is needed as part on the ongoing clean water project at St. Marc’s, consider a donation to support this work.

Bishop's Annual Spring Appeal : In 2008, we began an annual appeal to help our brothers and sisters in Jeannette, Haiti. You may recall I had just returned from Haiti where Cannon Pfaff and I experienced first- hand the critical food shortage. This was subsequently worsened by back-to-back devastating hurricanes in the fall of 2008. Your response to my plea was heartening and enabled us not only to help the students and teachers through that difficult time, but also plan for future need. Each Spring, we will be conducting an annual appeal to continue supporting those living in Haiti. Sincerely, The Rt. Rev. Steven Miller

Donate to Bishop Miller's Annual Appeal During times of emergency, your contribution will feed school children. During other times, your donation will go towards helping Jeannette develop self-sustaining economic projects for food, clothing and shelter.

Haitian Mountain Blue Coffee

Singing Rooster's Mountain Bleu roast is rich & somewhat sweet; cool nights at high altitudes produce gentle & FLAVORFUL coffees! Mountain Bleu comes from the same type of coffee plant & is grown in a similar region as the wildly successful Jamaican Blue Mountain bean - but at a fraction of the price. Mountain Bleu sells for ONLY $8.95 (12oz bag) – a DEAL compared to Jamaican Blue which sells for $49.99 lb.

Coffee Project : Singing Rooster

The Haiti Project is selling Haitian coffee we've named Singing Rooster after the Bishop's favorite alarm clock: Big Red - who's wake-up calls began at 4:00 am.

In 18 months, we've raised $15,000 JUST by selling and buying this coffee [we use it parish wide during fellowship hour and hold coffee sales at church].

Purchasing Singing Rooster coffee supports Haitian farmers including those living in Jeanette – beans come from grower cooperatives. 100% of proceeds go BACK to Haiti for economic sustainability programs like coffee agriculture.

Supporting those in need is deeply satisfying; Moreover, Haitian coffee is delicious! Singing Rooster's coffee is natural; natural crops mean a better tasting coffee, a better environment.

Don't forget: Coffee makes an EXCELLENT gift!

Buy this delicious tasting Haitian Mountain Blue coffee

Ask Molly at Singing Rooster [the name of the coffee and organization who does all the work] about using Haitian coffee in your next fundraiser.

Your Gifts in Action

$2200 was raised during Pere Wisnel's trip to Wisconsin in 2011; the money helped to buy much needed instruments for the church & community. Music plays a significant part in Haitian lives as you can see in this video shot and edited by Jacob Jones (teenage son of Fr. Andy Jones - St. Andrew's Madison). It's such a complete JOY to see how so little can transform a community. Thanks to all of you who made this and make other things possible in Jeannette.

The Episcopal Diocese of Milwaukee Haiti Project, as part of the Protestant Episcopal Church of the United States of America is registered as a 501(c) 3 charity under the United States Internal Revenue Code, so your donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. You will receive acknowledgment of your tax exempt donation.

Our Mission The Haiti Project is an Outreach Ministry of the Episcopal Dioceses of Milwaukee. We work in partnership with others from all walks of life who share the belief that education, clean water, access to medicine, and compassion are basic human necessities.

Ending poverty in Haiti is multifaceted, and we take our role of stewardship seriously. That’s why more than 90% of our expenses are used for programs that directly affect the people living in Haiti - especially the small and mountainous community of Jeannette. 100% of our funding comes from private sources, including individuals, churches, corporations and grants.
Our collective goal is to promote self-sufficiency and independence.

Join us. Let us know you're interested.

Keep informed: Join our email newsletter - Just 6 times a year. Topics include fighting hunger and poverty, clean drinking water, economic development, medical treatment and education in Haiti.

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Ask Molly at Singing Rooster -- how your organization can use Haitian Mountain Blue/Bleu coffee to raise money for your own work in Haiti and elsewhere around the world. The Haiti Project has raised over $25,000 JUST through coffee sales. Singing Rooster meets and then exceeds principles of Fair Trade