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Join our Group: The Haiti Project is comprised of an army of volunteers whose skill set is diverse; what joins us is our passion for humanity. We invite you to join us by sending our coordinator an email introducing yourself:

Project Coordinator: Heidi Ropa info@haitiproject.org

Send us an Idea: Maybe you don't have time to join our group but you're full of ideas. Take a look at the projects we're currently undertaking & send us your thoughts: info@haitiproject.org

Monetary donations to buy supplies are appreciated. Some of the Haiti Project board members have become master shoppers and know how to negotiate or find a good deal and/or buy in bulk, making the uniformity of the supplies easier to distribute.

Contact our Coordinator, Heidi Ropa, if you have questions about the supply list or if you would like to donate something that might not be on the list.

Be a Contact Person at your Church : The Haiti Project is looking for a contact person at your church. The role of the contact person makes sure Haiti Project information is put up on a church bulletin board or placed on a table for outreach. It is an easy job, but important in helping increase the awareness of the Haiti Project. If you are interested in being the contact person for your parish, Contact our Coordinator, Heidi Ropa.

Become the Singing Rooster coffee organizer at your parish & organize periodic sales of this delicious Haitian Mountain Blue coffee. A hefty $6.50 a bag goes back to Haiti: $2 to haitian coffee farmers, $4 to the Haiti Project, and .50 into a Rooster economic development fund. Contact our Coordinator, Heidi Ropa if you're willing to become your parishes' Rooster.

Be a Fundraiser : The Haiti Project would love to have you, your church, or your organization coordinate a fundraiser to support our project. Here are a few examples of what has been done in the past:

  • St. Mary's Church, Dousman, holds an annual Strawberry Festival where they sell delicious strawberry desserts and Haitian arts and crafts.
  • Holy Trinity Church, Geneva, hosted a Haitian dinner, raffle, and Caribbean music to raise $2400.
  • A group of co-workers at SBC in Milwaukee held two "soup" lunches with a silent auction of Haitian art and raised $2000.
  • St. James' Church, West Bend, had youths who kidnapped their rector and placed him in the basement with his cell phone. The Rev. Russ Arnett contacted family and friends to raise $700.
  • Grace Church & St. Andrew's of Madison sponsored a Jazz Concert benefit & raised $2400.

    Contact our Coordinator, Heidi Ropa, to propose fundraising ideas or to coordinate an event.

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Shop Online & Benefit Haiti
The Haiti Project partners with 2 online shopping networks. When you buy something online through our partnership, a percentage of your bill is credited to the Haiti Project without affecting the cost of your purchase. Register at these 2 sites:

Our Mission The Haiti Project is an Outreach Ministry of the Episcopal Dioceses of Milwaukee. We work in partnership with others from all walks of life who share the belief that education, clean water, access to medicine, and compassion are basic human necessities.

Ending poverty in Haiti is multifaceted, and we take our role of stewardship seriously. That’s why more than 90% of our expenses are used for programs that directly affect the people living in Haiti - especially the small and mountainous community of Jeannette. 100% of our funding comes from private sources, including individuals, churches, corporations and grants.
Our collective goal is to promote self-sufficiency and independence.

Join us. Let us know you're interested.

Keep informed: Join our email newsletter - Just 6 times a year. Topics include fighting hunger and poverty, clean drinking water, economic development, medical treatment and education in Haiti.

Diocese of Milwaukee - Haiti Project
804 E. Juneau Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53202

Project Coordinator:

Heidi Ropa

Diocese of Eau Claire Coordinator:
John & Carol Meacham
N5910 Yellowsands
Spooner, WI 54801

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Ask Molly at Singing Rooster -- how your organization can use Haitian Mountain Blue/Bleu coffee to raise money for your own work in Haiti and elsewhere around the world. The Haiti Project has raised over $25,000 JUST through coffee sales. Singing Rooster meets and then exceeds principles of Fair Trade