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January 2014 Last summer St. Michael's (Barrington Illinois) went to Jeannette to build a playground, and we finished phase one. In a country where needs are great, sometimes we forget the simple and beautiful act of playing -- just letting kids be kids. Speaking of kids, this video, Jump for Jeannette, was created by Jack...who is only 14. Pretty cool for a kid.

January 12, 2014

Today marks the fourth year since the earthquake. Despite disaster records on both the material and human level, we lived a few months in solidarity, in brotherhood because everyone slept, ate, and prayed together, sharing what they had. At the beginning there was no plastic tents to protect against rain but some wealthy families who had access. Therefore, each family brings pieces of cloth to be sewn together to form a community shelter. One could take from this lesson of sharing because of contributing together to prepare food --each person who bread has arrived to share it with others, those who were enemies become friends. Unfortunately, after some time people have lost those good manners and become more wicked, more violent from the moment they begin to return home. At my opinion, we should keep the good manners even after saying goodbye to the tents and temporary shelters and the Haitian State should formally declare January 12 as a day of thanksgiving by stopping all activities to devote himself to prayer praising God. May God grant her a place in paradise to all those who have disappeared in the earthquake of 12 January 2010!

Thank you for thinking of us in this day.
Jean Lenord

Happy New Year

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
I send to you our best wishes for the New Year by first expressing our deepest gratitude, on behalf of the Partnership Program of the Episcopal Diocese of Haiti, for your extreme generosity, your gifts to us all on all levels and in all forms, and your Faith in our work here in Haiti during this past year.

Having expressed our sincerest gratitude, please let me go on to wish for you all, for the coming year, our deepest hope that you will enjoy all of the Blessings of Peace, Love, and Health in the True Light of God's Grace.

May God bless you all, forever

In Christ,
The Reverend Kesner Ajax

Learn More about Haiti

The Episcopal Diocese of Haiti, established in 1861, is the largest diocese in the Episcopal Church with over 83,700 members and over 100 congregations.

Learn more about our brothers & sisters in Haiti by reading the Fall 2013 newsletter.

Student Memorial : Episcopal University, Haiti

One of the most moving things I saw today:

This is a memorial to the students from the Episcopal University of Haiti who lost their lives during the earthquake in 2010.

The professor with whom we spoke wanted to be sure that we saw it before we left. The students' photos are on the side of the base of the statue and their names are carved into the top.

We learned after we got back on the bus that the base of the statue actually holds the students' remains.

Trip report note for April 2013

- Ann Brophy

Lunch at St. Marc's

A huge heartfelt thank you to all who contributed to the lunch program at St. Marc's-Jeannette (and to those continue to do so). It is a blessing that we are able to share this precious gift with the children of St. Marc's. We hope to be able to provide a hot lunch every day for the 500+ students...forsome, this is their only meal of the day.

If you would like to contribute, please donate to our general / emergency relief fund -- it allows us to feed hungry children when hurricanes and such destroy their crops.

Thank you, merci, mesi!

Hurricane Sandy in Jeannette

Monday, October 29th, 2012.

It is a clear and sunny day in Wisconsin which makes it even harder to imagine the destruction and pain that Sandy has inflicted on everyone and everything in her path. Sandy parked herself over the Island of Hispaniola for five days and the winds and rain that have inflicted so much damage on us in the last 24 hours took a terrible toll on the people of Haiti. Even in the midst of their own suffering our friends in Haiti are praying for us and our safety. We are in a partnership relationship with the people of Haiti and of Saint Marc’s Jeannette and they are giving us the only thing that they have to offer right now, their prayers.

Even as they pray for us the people of Haiti are dealing with terrible losses. They have lost homes, crops, schools are closed, roads are washed out and building supplies are scarce. This biggest need right now is food. From all over Haiti, I am hearing the same message: “Food is a dilemma, children are hungry and we have nothing to give.” Hurricane Isaac swept through Haiti in late August and destroyed many of the crops and gardens that the people of Jeannette count on to feed their children. Food was already in short supply, even before Sandy hit.

Pere Lenord sent an update and some photos last night. They tell a story that we wish wasn’t true. Trees uprooted, roofs torn off houses, (cement) walls down…and crops destroyed. Bananas and avocados, plantains and citrus are largely lost in the Jeannette-Paillant area. Our friends face an even harder Hungry Season than usual.

St. Marc’s School is open…and the students are coming to class. That is a blessing, in a country where it will be weeks before many others will have that chance. Many of those children come to school hungry, even on a good day. With food in short supply all over Haiti it is certain that the children of Jeannette will be suffering.

There have been many offers of support already and the question “what can we do?” is being asked over and over. Right now, providing St. Marc’s with the financial means to purchase food and necessary supplies is a critical need. Re-establishing the school lunch program is one way we can provide a regular meal to the children. It costs just $200 per day to provide a meal to all 550 students (that’s only $0.34 per student per day).

We are able to get funds to St. Marc’s through our usual route of wire transfer. Donations are being accepted online through haitiproject.org.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. In the words of my friend and Haitian priest, Fr. Fred, “despite our many losses, we have the most important and precious thing: LIFE, thanks to God.”



Welcome Pere Lenord -- August 2012

There has been some shifting around of priests in the region and Pere Jean Lenord Quatorze is a wonderful and dedicated man -- and we welcome him with open arms to St. Marc's in Jeannette.

While we are sad about Pere Wisnel's departure, we are also happy that St. Marcís has been blessed with another priest who cares deeply about those in great need and shares many of the same visions and dreams.

About Pere Lenord: Pere Lenord was born on November 23th, 1969 in the Leogane area. His wife is Fifi.


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